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Hello, my name is Lucian Sabo. I was born in 1982 and I live in Targoviste,Romania. I have a rich professional experience as web programmer and project manager. For living I run a small business called CRIOSWEB, a romanian web agency. We offer an extensive range of web services, from web-development to web-hosting and many related services.

As I like to think about me, I am multi-functional :), with my passion for web, photography, fine-art, graphic design and music, things that share the same interest as classic programming. I am involved as a programmer in several open-source projects, but I developed also a few freeware applications.

If you like my work, you can hire me for a project. I am always interested in a collaboration.

Among my most important free projects you can find:

  • Riot – [C++ Application] Radical Image Optimization Tool (freeware, english)
  • CRIOSWEB’s HTMLCleaner – [PHP Class] HTML source code cleaner. Great help for cleaning MS Word content. (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported for personal, non-commercial use, english)
  • CriosSpinEdit – [Javascript class] advanced javascript SpinEdit control (Open source -Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported for personal, non-commercial use, english)
  • Bioritm – [C++ Application] Biorhythm/compatibility (freeware, romanian only)
  • CRIOS Coduri Postale – [C++ Application] search the new zipcodes from Romania (Open-Source – GPL, Windows & Linux versions, romanian only)
  • ConDei – [C++ Application] (web)programmer’s viewer/simple editor (Open-Source – GPL, romanian only, discontinued)
  • TValuta – [PHP class] get official (dollar/euro/romanian leu) exchange rate (free with source, romanian only)

Contact info: luciansabo at gmail dot com

23 comments on “The author
  1. Sid says:

    Awesome tool for optimizing images. Thanks you Lucian Sabo for developing such a wonderful tool.

  2. Naushad says:

    Just a big thanks for this product. It saves tons of time and gives the best results without going into complexity of other bloated tools like Photoshop and stuff.

  3. Mike says:

    Any chance of you adding a command line feature to RIOT? Love the plugin!

  4. Ivan says:


    Really usefull tool… But i need something like RIOT but as command promt only for windows…. Cause ImageMagick is not good at all for that.. Maybe you can advice? )))

  5. Ezeem says:

    I wonder why you did not implement
    Batch >Sub Directory functions…
    One should be able to select the ‘parent directory’ and ‘sub-folders’ and the program could easily
    clean up images in all sub-directory and over-write them respectively and clean them instead of a person to choose a directory one by one as an ‘output folder’ option.

    Anyway its a good product you have made…. please add me thoughts to the ‘wishlist’

  6. Chen says:

    Lovely tool and nice of you to give it free! Tested it.. Batch functions need 2 things:
    1. Ability to choose/ spider folder and sub-folders to optimize and clean metas
    2. Right click mouse to choose a folder/sub-folder so program is added to run
    Will be in touch with you… have some JV ideas too!

  7. Fatih Toprak says:

    hello. thanks for great program. but i have an question. what u think about mac osx version ?
    best wishes. love from Turkey.

  8. jua says:

    no mac yet ?

  9. Paul Finch says:

    For an honest installer which didn’t install third party software when I declined but most of all thanks for a very slick optimiser.

  10. Mohan Perera says:

    The best free Image optimizing tool of handy functions. Its absolutely free. No water-marks. No ads. Because of this program my websites run super fast. sending emails with high quality images is super easy. I’m using this for several years. I thought i should comment 🙂

  11. francisco says:

    gracias por su labor

  12. Dunkelangst says:

    Thank you very much for your nice programm. Is it free Software like GPL?

  13. Bob says:


    Any chance of incorporating this lossy PNG optimiser library?:


  14. bg62 says:

    ( français ….:) )
    Téléchargé et testé = grand merci pour ce soft, très très efficace et qui tourne sous toutes les versions de windows, même W8, super !!!

  15. Elliane says:

    Thank you for your amazing image optimization tool,Lucian! Your app is very good.Here is another good photo optimize tool named Lossless Photo Squeezer,It will reduce your PNG, JPEG and GIF photos and images size with LOSSLESS quality.
    Give it a try:

  16. Mark says:

    Thank you for your amazing image optimization tool Lucian !

    I am glad to have found this and moved away from Smushit.

    Also, I sent you an e-mail about v0.4.6 does not know there is a new version out.

    Thank you!!!

  17. thanks says:

    just wanna say thanks a lot, you have done a brilliant job.

  18. RGPhoto says:

    Really fantastic tool ! Easy and efficient ! I’m using it always for the image of my website.

    Many Thanks

  19. admin says:

    @Peter: HTMLCleaner is not actively developed but I will fix bugs if reported. I made a change in the blog and the link does not work, but I will fix it

  20. Peter2 says:

    Hi Lucian

    the above link to “CRIOSWEB’s HTMLCleaner” is dead. Is the project still alive?


  21. TRos says:

    Hi, Lucian!

    Your app is great! It helped us to optimize the graphics on our big soft portal.

    We want to add your program to our catalogue, but as far as it has English interface, we want to offer you to translate it into Russian (and maybe Ukrainian) for our users.

    If you’re interesting in localization, please, write us as soon, as you’ll be able.

    Thank you for your application!

  22. Johnny Lai says:

    Hi Lucian,

    This is really a great program. Your program has take over from the previous program i used to optimize pictures, WebGraphiOptimizer.

    If you would like to have it translated into Danish and maybe into Chinese i could help you out if you want me to.



  23. Alan Wallman says:


    Great program.

    I would love to be able to fully use it in Batch files…

    riot input.jpg output.jpg

    and using the current settings.


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