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Radical Image Optimization Tool Video Tutorial done by

Another video tutorial made by ComputerWhack (the guy seems a bit confused working with the program, though :) )

15 comments on “Screenshots
  1. Svoiduhi says:

    I tried a lot of software to optimize the image, but the best and a lot of settings. Always I use it. Good program development!

  2. Fabian Rodriguez says:

    Thank you, this tool helps me every day.

  3. MDJ says:


    Thank u very much.

  4. iTulisan says:

    Great tool and very easy. Thanks for share

  5. ruoaa says:

    Riot is an amazing to i can`t do without it , it`s a life saver

  6. Jef says:

    Fantastic program – well done, sir! I used to use the Irfanview plug-in, but 3 or 4 times out of 10 it would crash and I’d have to start over. Then, searching or help to resolve the crashes, I discovered the stand-alone app and have been 100% satisfied ever since. Many thanks.

  7. optimasi web says:

    awesome tool, this what i’m looking for

  8. kitten says:

    Excellent programme, simple, pratique et complet.
    Remerciement à l’auteur pour son très bon travail, et son partage.
    Et Paypal est bien pratique pour remercier !

  9. This’s recommended tools for Blogger. Nice tools guys, thanks

  10. Darman Maulana says:

    This is very great tool. I don’t need to use payment software to optimize my thousand pics. maybe, RIOT can also optimize the animated gif file. it makes

  11. Charle says:

    Amazing tool, Thanks for providing this great Tool. Very good optimizer and does what it says. Well done to the author. Long live Open source and free Tools.

  12. Malucojonnes says:

    Great program! Please, make command line options! Thanks!

  13. It’s awesome !
    I was looking for this type of tool. I’ve found many online tools but I was searching for this one. And finally got it.

  14. Lucas says:

    You are master!

  15. Jaume says:

    Good afternoon:
    Its program excites me, but I can not get all the result that I do not understand English
    There is a Spanish language patch
    Thank you and again congratulations for your program
    Forgive my bad English, one has translated it machine