Riot is still alive ! Version 0.6.1 released

Download from here

This is a maintenance release, aimed to solve bugs present in v 0.6.0 beta.

There are some exciting news about the plans with future versions of RIOT like:

  • 64 bit version. This will allow RIOT to work with higher resolution images and be faster
  • full support for WebP image format (read/write). I expect that in a couple of years WebP will replace JPEGs and PNGs
  • jpeg compression improvements
  • HiDPI support – make RIOT UI look better on 4k displays
  • … more

Full change log:

v. 0.6.1 (15 oct 2018)
+ added support for Gimp 2.10 in the plugin installer
* fixed a bug in batch mode where in certain conditions optimized files don’t get written
* fixed memory leak when opening the batch window, which also caused Access Violation in host applications if used as plugin
* fixed issue with saving of zoom factor
* fixed default batch window size not showing Settings button in certain situations
* fixed Compress to Size button not always enabled when needed
* minor UI fixes
– removed feature to toggle “Report file size changes” from batch settings. It is on by default
– removed menu item for Help Context. Docs will be moved to the website

Please report all bugs found using the RIOT forum.

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5 comments on “Riot is still alive ! Version 0.6.1 released
  1. admin says:

    HEIF is probably superior in certain aspects, but RIOT was originally meant as a “Save for web” tool, present in commercial products like Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact. Some people might not know this, but RIOT’s heritage as a Save for web tool is still the main objective. So, in terms of web formats, WebP will probably replace JPEG and PNG (PNG already replaced GIF a long time ago, even if GIF is still used for animations, cause the superior APNG is not supported). WebP offers superior quality for the same size with lossy compression and better and faster lossless compression, rendering slow PNG crushers like optipng, pngout, truepng, useless.
    It is already supported in Chrome and Opera (that’s actually 70% of the internet), Microsoft Edge just enabled WebP in v18 and Firefox has official plans to support it (Edge + Firefox => that’s another 20%). Apple’s Safari will be forced to support WebP if everybody else does it, and even if they will integrate HEIF, there are little chances that it will become a standard.
    However, unlike HEIF, WebP is open source and since still in active development.

  2. Max Headroom says:

    An extremely good image optimization tool that should be used by a lot more people in the web-publishing business to optimize their page loading time 🙂

    WebP surely is a nice addition one day. It has a very high compression. While using GIMP I noticed the far superiour HEIF image format developed by Apple that’s using similar alghorythms as HEVC H.265 video compression. Unfortunately I only know GIMP as the only Windows-tool able to load and save HEIF files. It’s still possible that the free WebP will be used for WWW, while HEIF will be the future image format for high resolution images. I would love to see HEIF-support coming to RIOT some day if the specs and coding time would allow. Keep on working on this tiny but extremely helpful tool 🙂

  3. admin says:

    There is a checkbox in the batch settings called “Save in original folder”. Make sure you also enable “Backup original on overwrite”.
    If you want to keep the original format choose the “Auto, original format” mode, otherwise Riot might choose a better format for your image.

  4. Muchas gracias por esta nueva versión.

    Hay una “mejora” que quizás se podría en futuras versiones, la posibilidad de no poner una ruta en el proceso batch y que al procesar sobreescriba la imágen original, entonces si ponemos imágenes de muchas rutas distintas, cada una queda en su carpeta.

    Thank you very much for this new version.

    There is an “improvement” that could be made in future versions, the possibility of not putting a route in the batch process and that when processing overwrites the original image, then if we put images of many different routes, each one remains in its folder.

  5. John says:

    Still the best out there after so many years! Keep up the great work!

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