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feature request accepted [accepted] WebP support 27 prb 4 months
Disable output folder text box if "Save in original folder" is checked 1 CyberTaco 10 months
Reduce process priority in batch mode 1 CyberTaco 10 months
Multiprocessor support for batch mode 1 CyberTaco 10 months
APNG Optimizer integration 2 Dalieba 11 months
AVIF support 1 Dalieba 11 months
Support for middle mouse scrolling to Zoom 2 luciansabo 1 year
Setting option: being able to save the default viewing mode 1 HMH 1 year
Default file name suffix or prefix please. 1 soother 1 year
posix please 1 red 1 year
1 red 1 year
Stop Riot from loading a large image if the user does not want it. 3 necros 1 year
apk. for Android 2 luciansabo 1 year
Feature Request: Change number of colours in true-colour image without making it 24-bit or less. 2 luciansabo 1 year
feature request accepted [accepted] Using mozjpeg as jpeg encoder 2 luciansabo 1 year
feature request accepted [poll] [accepted] 64 bit version 4 luciansabo 1 year
Command line options to run RIOT without gui interface 1 Troy Daniel 1 year
Max dimension to resize 1 sonik 1 year
If image size increased then keep the original image 1 Antrikos 2 years
Incorporate Brunsli library for lossless 22% jpeg compression 3 necros 2 years
nQuantCpp, color quantizer 1 playguitar103 2 years
Recursion 1 MDWChris 3 years
not a bug [not a bug] Resizing image is not optimal 2 luciansabo 3 years
[closed] not a bug [rejected] Allow images to be copied from RIOT to the clipboard. 2 luciansabo 3 years
Add support for Guetzli optimizer (high-visual quality compression of JPEGs by 20%~30%) 1 Michel 3 years
Add support for Lepton optimizer (lossless compression of JPEGs by 22%) 1 Michel 3 years
not a bug [rejected] Batch - send to FTP 2 luciansabo 3 years
feature request accepted [accepted] Choose if you want up-scaling or not in batch 2 luciansabo 3 years
Multithreading support 3 necros 4 years
[Batch optimizer] Multithreading in order to optimize multiple images at once 6 necros 4 years